~Rediscover your purpose & change your life by taking small steps everyday~

No matter what you believe or what everyone tells you, YOUR life is supposed to be an ADVENTURE – where you’re LEARNING & EXPLORING continuously no matter what age.

And it's totally possible right here right now. You don't have to leave everything, quit your job, move somewhere or take impulsive drastic steps to change your life. You can start with what you have and where you are.

You can start, right at this moment, to change your life....one tiny bit at a time. 


Step 1: Flow into Clarity


  If you’re feeling lost or stuck or overwhelmed & don’t know what you want in life anymore....  Flow into Clarity will guide you there.

Change your life & rediscover your purpose by first bringing clarity.


Step 2: Mold your Reality

 If you’re clear on your dream & vision but your current life situation is far from it......Mold your Reality will lead you there.

 Change your life & put your dream & purpose into action!



Hey! I'M Loveleen

A facilitator, a guide, a coach and a creative at heart.

So here's the thing. We all are here to live a magical and beautiful journey that’s completely unique to us. And what bums me is to see many of us spending our lives running around doing things that don’t make us happy or chasing outer success thinking that’s where true happiness lies. 

And this is what I'm here to do. Not to teach you or lecture you. But walk with you and reinforce that you deserve to live this beautiful magical journey of your dreams!

My volition is to guide you to open the doors to your inner truth and facilitate you to align your life with that truth. Because that’s where the secret to our joyful magical journey lies.

What your dreams are, what your purpose is, how you can change your life….you already have these answers inside you – buried deep under the dust of your everyday life. And my volition is to uncover this dust and let this inner wisdom breathe.

Using the tools and methods that have helped me transform my life, I will guide you to transform yours. And by making small changes everyday, you’ll get clarity to rediscover your purpose and start living it!

Even making small changes can be challenging because it takes patience, commitment, persistence and faith. But IF you've someone to guide you....someone who has walked the same path, this journey of change becomes more like a flow.




Because, I know you have the COURAGE to do this.

Because, I know you have the WILL to dedicate little bit of your precious 24 hrs and do something to bring about a positive change in your life.

Because, I have full FAITH in you.



I invite you to to take the first step & get on my list. This is where I share the why’s and how’s of a purpose driven life and how teeny tiny changes can do wonders.

When you sign up, you will also receive a special workbook” I created just for you!


It's called "Three steps to get you off the Hamster Wheel". Because unless you stop running around, you won't get clarity. And this workbook will guide you to look at your own situation in a completely new way.  You will learn: 

> how to witness your current life with fresh eyes

> how to to identify your current challenges that might be sabotaging you

> how to take charge and act!

Dear happily busy soul,

> Growing up did you ever think you would one day be running around doing things that don’t even make you happy?

> Do you feel stuck in this rut and want to change your life but not sure how – because every change overwhelms you and stresses you out? Or you think it’s too late??

> Have you achieved every success that you dreamed of but it still left you feeling dissatisfied, like something is missing?

> Do you look forward to weekends and vacation because that is the only time you enjoy life?


~You're fully alive when you're in the flow~

~And when you're in the flow you feel peace~

~The more you feel peace, the more you become peace~

~be love ~ be peace ~ be you~

Embrace your uniqueness_ARTtistas
Artwork by Loveleen Saxena

If you're ready to seek guidance on this path, I invite you check out my Offerings or send me a Message. It would be my honor to guide you through this beautiful transformation!