Hey there!

Thank you for reading my story where I share with you my human experience. 

I have always had a very steady career and a stable corporate job. I always knew what I wanted in life and was able to achieve these things. Since ninth grade I wanted to be an Architect and I did that. Later my career goal was to pursue Masters in Construction Management and I did that. In my early years of professional career, being a Project Manager in construction was what I could think about and I was on the path to being one. I defined my identity by “what” I was doing or “where” I was working.

My purpose driven “normal” life was defined by working hard during weekdays and spending time socializing and doing chores during weekends.

I always knew “what” I wanted but never asked myself “why”.

Life was good. But only on the surface.

My inner self was miserable. I was never at peace and constantly chasing new things. I did not look forward to waking up and going to work. I was always waiting for weekends. I did not like spending any minute by myself so was constantly calling friends, going out, taking new classes because the thought of being by myself scared me. I was working 12-14 hours everyday doing what I thought I wanted but still felt that deep void within me. By the time I got home I was tired, stressed and yet making my to-do list for the next day. I ate frozen meals and went on shopping sprees whenever I was bored. I went to events, parties and happy hours because I “had” to but never truly enjoyed. I watched shows that I didn’t care about but would make good conversation topics at work.

I was lost and confused but didn’t know that because I never gave myself the chance to hear my inner voice. I kept my days so packed that there was barely any room to listen to my heart which was trying to tell me all along….Loveleen you are living someone else’s life.

But it all changed for me. Not drastically. But in teeny tiny ways. Slowly. Gradually. Since 2007. For many years these changes were so small that I barely noticed. But in the past five years, these changes became bigger and more noticeable when I started dedicating 10 minutes everyday.


And these changes completely changed my definition of “normal”.

Now I spend every day doing things I care about, doing work that would help bring harmony into this world and most importantly bring harmony into my own self.

My life is far from perfect but I am in the flow. My inner self is at peace. I cherish the unknowns rather than fear them.

I let inspiration and creativity rule my life. I am curious about the insecurities and fears because I challenge them rather than let them control my actions. I am growing every moment. I am living a purpose driven life.

If you ask me what exactly I do now? I would say I am a multi-passionate person – an artist, maker, creativity and inner transformation guide, vegan, nature and animal lover, sustainability advocate, traveler and an interior decorator. The "what" in my life today is driven by the big "why"




Over the past five years there are many methods and lessons I incorporated into my life. These methods and lessons have helped me tremendously on this journey to live a purpose driven life full of flow, ease and inspiration. And I still do them because they continue to help me grow.

So here I am. I want to spread and share these methods and lessons with anyone who is READY. Helping you open the doors to your inner wisdom and guiding you to rediscover your purpose is my volition. Over these years I have learned that being in touch with our true self and trusting our inner wisdom is the foundation of a purpose driven life. I also know that we all need support and guidance. It is not a sign of weakness but of strength to take charge of our own reality and ask for help. Because when we ask for guidance, we are telling the Universe that we are ready to make a change.

I am here to serve you to live your purpose driven life.

So if you are ready to rediscover your purpose, and invite happiness & flow that is not dependent on the highs and lows of your life, I would love to work with you!

I invite you to get on my list where I share the why’s and how’s of a purpose driven life and how teeny tiny changes can do wonders. Like I said, all big changes start with small steps. When you sign up, you will receive a “special workbook” I created just for your beautiful creative soul. In this report I share three essential steps you can start taking right now and jump start your inner transformation.

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