Post Hurricane Harvey, I hope we remember this….

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The past ten days have been very difficult for many of us living in and around Houston area.

Mother Nature’s fury came down pretty hard in the form of Hurricane Harvey – bringing with it thunderstorms, heavy rains and major flooding in Houston and many surrounding cities.

Watching homes, roads, cities fall apart was heart wrenching and shook up the entire nation. And even if many of us made it through safely, our level of stress, anxiety, sorrows and restlessness had shot up the roof watching others suffer.

But with the disaster and the loss that Hurricane Harvey brought, we also saw the power of love when we saw people rising together to help fellow beings.

For past ten days we have witnessed what can happen when people and communities act out of love. We have seen the strength that lies in working together – for each other, rather than against each other.

The past ten days have proved how love can overcome any obstacle.

Maybe Hurricane Harvey was Mother Nature’s fury because we continue to destroy the environment without much care.

Or it was her test – to see if we choose love or fear when faced with such forces of nature.

Or it was both.

And even if billions of us all over the world were not directly affected by this hurricane, any such disaster indirectly affects us all and leaves a fine print somewhere in our conscience.


Whether directly or indirectly, I know in my heart, we all have learned something from this whole experience. That love, and only love is the answer. And I hope we never ever forget this lesson.

I hope we don’t wait for another disaster or calamity to bring us together.

I hope we stay in this love that we have felt for strangers in the past ten days and carry that love within us all along.

I hope we transcend every thing that separates us from each other – be it race, religion, color, gender, economic inequalities, beliefs, thoughts, culture etc.

I hope we embrace love as the basis and the solution for every problem we face.


I hope we always choose love over fear, no matter what.


And when it's all over and when we all go back to our normal lives, I hope from the bottom of my heart that….

…...we continue to lend a hand to a stranger needing help.

…...we continue to take care of those who work everyday to keep us safe.

…...we continue to volunteer our time and money to those in need.

…...we continue to call our friends or family out of the blue and ask how they’re doing.


I hope we continue to bring more ❤️ heart into everything that we do.


I hope once it’s all over – we continue being a community.

Because the past ten days have reminded us what it REALLY means to be a community. And not only we set an example of everyone else in the world, we set an example for our future self - to always choose love.

Because it is LOVE that brings us all together. ❤️❤️

Be strong, be blessed,

~Loveleen Saxena~


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