One thing that stopped me from living a joyful life….

It’s a beautiful day.

I am sitting right in front of my dining room window, watching our plants dance with the breeze and birds nibble on the newly planted berry bushes in our backyard.

In the past few years, nature has become my best and favorite teacher. Whenever I sit outside, go for a walk or spend time in nature in any way or form, I get to learn something new – and most of the times, that thing is what I am supposed to learn at that precise moment.

Today as I’m watching these trees and plants dance with the summer breeze, it reminds me something so basic yet super hard to do. It’s one of the most important lesson to help us to move forward if we want to live a joyful life.

And that lesson is tostop resisting the flow of life”.

It’s so simple – and so prevalent in nature. Watch the plants, flowers, leaves and trees for a few moments. What do you notice? They always move in the direction of the wind. Left – right – up – down – they just keep going. They don’t say to the wind “I am a grown up, I’ll do whatever the *@#* I want to do!” They just flow….so smooth, so flexible, so open. They know their purpose is to grow, to fruit, to give shade, to provide oxygen – they don’t forget that. Yet they are completely open to the flow of life.

And we grown ups are always resisting this flow. We set a personal or professional goal, or we develop a habit, or a way of life and over time we become completely stubborn or inflexible to change it! Even if it has served its purpose or isn’t bringing us joy anymore, we don’t want to let go of it. We get comfortable with the familiarity of the outcomes, get too attached to it and start resisting the new that’s trying to enter our lives.

What happens to us as a result is similar to when we swim against the current or walk against the direction of wind. We experience pressure and pain. We feel exhausted, frustrated, angry and anxious – like we're trying so hard but not moving ahead. And we forget – WE are the ones getting in our OWN way!

I remember, when I was single, in my late 20’s the only thing on my mind was to get married. I kept on dating one guy after another and even though I didn’t feel any connection – I continued. My fear of being single rest of my life and dying alone took over. Even though Universe was telling me – it’s time to stop chasing guys and start “loving yourself first”, I ignored the calls and continued this search for love “outside” of myself.

I hardly enjoyed the dating experience and it seemed like a chore. All I tried to do was have my dates “like me”. So I always tried to be perfect, dressed nice, put makeup, talked a certain way and completely suppressed my real self. And during the dates I would keep wondering – am I saying the right thing? Does he like me? Does my hair look ok?

I resisted the flow of life and all those years I was miserable.

It took me years to stop “resisting” and start living. As soon as I switched my direction and started moving with the current, I floated. Like the wind and the water, life just pushed me forward. How do I know? I felt light and it felt right :o)

What if we all stop doing things that “resist our flow”? Won’t our life be smoother, lighter and more joyful?

So tell me, what's ONE thing or a habit that you continue indulging in, which is stopping you from living a joyful life?

How are YOU “resisting your flow”?

Is it your constant chasing of a career goal because that's what everyone does?

Is it saying “yes” to every invitation you get?

Or working 20 hours a day and not spending enough time taking care of yourself or your family?


Ask yourself - How am I "resisting my flow"?


I made this black & white drawing few years back – when I was unfolding my creative journey. This quote fits here perfectly so I’m going to leave you with a little inspiration.


Process this quote, bring it into your life and tell me -

What’s ONE thing that’s “resisting YOUR flow” which you can STOP doing today to start living a joyful life?

I would love to hear your experiences, resistances and stories. Leave your comments below!

~be Love~be You~




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