Feeling stuck, lost or living without purpose isn't normal. Life is short. And you have dreams, visions, purpose that you need to be bringing into this world.

And I can tell you, it’s really hard to do all this creative work if we can’t overcome the challenges of our life situation.


Instead of trying to figure it out yourself, seek guidance to overcome your challenges. And start investing your time and energy in the real work you’re here to do.


I offer one-on-one sessions, group sessions, weekend workshops, personalized programs and retreats.

It’s said that “seek advise from someone who has walked your path”.

What I offer is based on how I overcame my personal challenges that were stopping me from rediscovering my purpose. And all the tools & techniques I'll be sharing have benefited me.

Flow into Clarity


If you’re currently walking the path where you’re:

- Feeling lost and unsure what to do with your life  OR

- Feeling stuck in your life situation OR

- Running around all the time and chasing life and success outside


- Completely tired of being in any of these situations, don’t know what to do but one thing you know is this isn’t what you want


Click below to flow into clarity!


Mold your REALITY


If you’re walking the path where you know what your dream/goal/vision is but:

- You’ve too many responsibilities and no time to think about yourself OR

- Your current life situation/career/job is leaving you dissatisfied but you’re unable to make changes OR

- You’re getting in your own way from bringing those dreams into reality


Click below to mold your reality!


This is how I work......

Before you get started, here're a few things about how I work to help you decide step forward:

  • All my sessions are critique free and judgement free. I learn better if someone is listening to me while being empathetic and not yelling or judging me. I offer the same to you. “Good vibes only” is how I roll.
  • I offer gentle guidance but I can be very persistent. Aggressiveness hasn't worked for me, gentleness has. But if I feel you're getting in your own way, I'll be firm and persistent. Sometimes “tough love” is what we all need.
  • I will facilitate you so you can tap into your own wisdom. The methods I use have helped me but you'll be given freedom to tweak or create your own methods! 
  • Everyone is unique and learns at their own pace. So if you feel we're not moving ahead or you're not learning new things every week, it’s not because I want you to be my client forever 🙂 It’s probably because I know you need more time to digest and implement what you've already learned. Rushing it will not help you, it will only end up frustrating you. So you have to trust me and the process!
  • At my core I know we all are connected - this knowing is a strong basis of what I will guide you with.
  • You and I will be working together to overcome your challenges or manifest your vision. We won't be putting a band-aid on your current life situation. Inner work is rough and tough a lot of times. 

What I expect from You......

To make our work together enjoyable and create a positive experience, there are a few things I expect from you as well. So if your answer to all the questions below is YES, I would love to serve you!

  • During our sessions, you might learn things that are new or outside your comfort zone. Even though it might not be your cup of tea, I would like for you to give it a try - step outside your comfort zone. So my question to you is -
    • Are you open and receptive to trying new ideas and techniques, without judgement or resistance?
  • Remember this is a journey inwards. In today’s world where everything is result driven and measured against some sort of standard, such program requires you to flex your heart and feeling muscles.
    • Are you willing to get in touch with your feelings and listen to your heart?
  • It can take weeks, months and years to rediscover our own selves, overcome our challenges and shift our reality. Patience, commitment and perseverance is what matters the most. There are no shortcuts, quick fixes that can get you to manifest your vision.
    • Are you 100% committed to your own transformation?
  • This program is about shifting your inner self so your outer world begins to shift. These shifts could be challenging, emotional and at times messy.
    • Are you willing to face whatever comes out?
  • Do you have a positive and kind attitude?
  • Do you believe you are worth this investment of time, energy and money?

If your answer to all these is a BIG YES, I would absolutely love to work with you and guide you through this incredible journey! 

If you want to Flow into Clarity, click here.

If you want to Mould your Reality, click here.


Once the session is scheduled, I will send you the invoice to the registered email address. Partial invoice (50%) will be due within 24 business hrs to confirm the session. Remaining 50% will be due after the session is complete.


I want your session experience to be extraordinary and extremely beneficial.

I cannot guarantee instant results as it’s up to the individual to transform their lives and everyone is unique. But if you feel our sessions are not bringing you the outcome you desire, I will refund you in full if you submit in detail all the work you were required to do during our sessions. Deadline to submit for refund request is within 15 days from our last session.

Before you decide to take that course of action, I would love to hear from you the concerns you’re having so I can serve you better. Please email me your questions/concerns at artbyarttistas@loveleensaxena.com

Reschedule a session:

You can reschedule the session earlier than 24 hrs and incur no additional fee.

If the request to reschedule is received within 24 hours, it will incur an additional fee of $10 USD which will be added to the final invoice.

Cancel a session:

If you decide to cancel the session at least 1-week in advance from the session date, you will be refunded the partial payment minus any service tax incurred during the transaction.

If you decide to cancel the session between 24 hrs and 1-week from session date, you will be refunded 25% of the partial payment.

If you cancel the session within 24 hrs of the session date, no refund of the partial payment will be provided.

NOT READY to commit YET?

If you aren't ready to commit to my offerings, why not jump start changing your life tiny bit at a time! When you get on my list, you will receive a “special workbook” I created just for that purpose!

It's called "Three steps to get you off the Hamster Wheel". It will guide you to look at your own situation in a completely new way.  You will learn:

> how to witness your life situation with fresh eyes

> how to to identify your current challenges

> how to to take charge and act!

Plus every month I will send you some information, insights, tid bits to guide you to overcome your challenges and start living with purpose.