What's Mold your Reality?

Growing up we all have dreams. We are ready to conquer the world, explore, do things no one has ever done and love life to the fullest. But as adulthood steps in, those dreams and visions keep getting pushed to the future. We start telling ourselves - “this isn’t the right time” or “only if I could….” or “once I retire then I’ll….” or “someday I will….”

But that right time never comes and those dreams end up remaining….well, just dreams. Because subconsciously we have limiting beliefs. And those limiting beliefs shape our reality. So unless we reprogram our subconscious to start believing in our dreams and then consciously act on those dreams, nothing shifts. We stay where we are - wishing, hoping and waiting.

Mold your Reality is designed to get you out of the wishing, hoping and waiting mindset and get your acting on those dreams. It is designed to transform your wish into volition. It is created to reprogram your subconscious so your reality is molded to be in alignment with your inner truth.

Through personal sessions, group sessions, programs and focused workshops, I will be guiding you to Mold your Reality so your dreams are no longer “dreams”, your vision is no longer a “wish” but is consciously, creatively and slowly transformed into your reality.


Who is it for?

Mold your Reality sessions are for you if,

  • You know what your long term vision/dream/goal is, you know what you want from life and what kind of life you envision living everyday
  • What you don’t know is how to start living or pursuing that magical life you imagine for yourself
  • You everyday life is so busy that you barely have time to take care of yourself let alone pursue your dreams!
  • You have too many responsibilities that it seems impossible to get out of your current job/career that is leaving you dissatisfied
  • Subconsciously you are getting in your own way and convincing yourself that you can’t change your current reality

All these current challenges and practicalities of life are leaving you will no option other than pushing all your dreams and visions to post retirement or wishing someday it’ll all happen on it’s own.

Your heart is whispering that it’s time to make it happen right now but your mind and your beliefs are suppressing the soft voice of your heart.


What to expect?

I will facilitate you to mold your reality so you can start bringing your beautiful and unique dream/goal/vision to actuality one step at a time!

And here’s how it’ll happen. In our work together, we will:

  • Analyze your current life situation
  • Uncover what’s holding you back
  • Reprogram your subconscious to overcome the underlying obstacles
  • Redesign your current lifestyle to make space for your dreams
  • Embody and execute your dream/goal/vision one step at a time

Through our work together you’ll be guided to tap into your inner wisdom and:

  • Gain clear understanding of what limiting beliefs are sabotaging you
  • Learn how to overcome these limiting beliefs
  • Receive insights on how to mold your lifestyle and create space for new
  • Prepare an action plan to pursue your dreams/visions/goals and get started!


Since I want to make sure my sessions are beneficial to you, here are a few initial steps:

Step 1: If my work resonates with you, please submit a request for session including some background and what you want from these sessions. The more specific you get, the better I’ll be able to guide you.

Step 2: I will contact you within 24 business hours with a set of questions to understand your life situation further. You will be asked to give detailed response on these questions.

Step 3: I will review your response and contact you within 48 business hours. Your responses will tell me a lot about whether you are really committed to bringing clarity and if my sessions will help you.

Step 4: If I can serve you, we will schedule a 30 minute "bonus" discovery session via Skype - to talk about your answers. This session will be donation based. And it'll give us both a chance to understand if we are a good fit for this exchange!

Step 5: If you would like to continue working with me, we'll decide the best way forward in terms of schedule, session options and payments.

Your commitment and dedication is really essential for these sessions to be helpful to you. So even though these initial steps could seem like a pain (because you can’t take it anymore and REALLY want to get started ASAP), this will be a great test of your patience, persistence and commitment!

To know more about how I workwhat I expect from you and pricing policies check my Offerings page!

Are you ignoring these signals your body is giving you?
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Lack of focus/concentration
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Getting irritable/angry without reason
  • Crying for no reason

Many times when we are not in the flow or living authentically, our body gives us signals. In addition to getting medical advice, it might be a good idea to look beyond the obvious.

Is your life in the flow? OR are you suppressing something?

Pricing & Session options:


Take it easy & MOLD YOUR REALITY with No Commitment -  $100/session

(100% personalized, single session, one-one, pay per session)

Invest in yourself & MOLD YOUR REALITY with Strong Commitment - $75/session

(pay full in advance & receive 25% discount per session, 4 sessions/month, 100% personalized, one-one)

BYOF - BringYourOwnFriend  & MOLD YOUR REALITY together (max. 3 friends) - $60/session per friend

(40% discount per friend, select one issue/challenge, single group session, pay per session)

6 steps to MOLD YOUR REALITY Program - Coming soon!


Focused Workshops to MOLD YOUR REALITY - Coming soon!

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